Social Innovation Forum 2016:
R&D Symposium

Transforming the Future: IoT Insights & Innovations

November 15, 2016

The Fairmont Hotel


Hitachi Global Center for Social Innovation

- Santa Clara, California

With Knowledge Partner


Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2016: R&D Symposium

Transforming the Future: IoT Insights & Innovations


Registration and Continental Breakfast at the Fairmont, San Jose


Welcome and Introduction – Dorman Followwill Senior Partner Frost & Sullivan


OPENING REMARKS – Hiroaki Nakanishi Chairman Hitachi, Ltd.


EXECUTIVE BULLETIN – Global Mega Trends & Technology Drivers for the Future Global Economy: Dorman Followwill, Senior Partner, Frost & Sullivan

In this context-setting presentation, we take a whirlwind tour of the crucial Global Mega Trends and Technology Drivers that are the core drivers of the IoT and digital revolution transforming countries, businesses, cities, families and personal lives throughout the world. In our rapidly changing global economy, the greatest challenge facing business executives is how to best understand and leverage the core drivers of transformation and to stay ahead of change in order to succeed both professionally and personally.

Key Take-Aways:

  • A framework of specific, data-driven Mega Trends and Technology Drivers at a global level, to understand what forces are transforming the future
  • Insight into the latest IoT innovations and platforms within your business that sit within an overall Global context of Connectivity & Convergence, Smart Cities, Health Wellness and Well Being, and Mobility trends, and how these global trends and core technologies will drive a new wave of Social Innovation globally
  • Best Practice Case Studies from around the world of companies unleashing innovative platforms, technologies, products and services targeted at countries, cities, businesses, families, and individuals to bridge from our world of 2016 to the world of 2025 and beyond


EXECUTIVE INSIGHT – Research & Development: Executing on the Vision Dr. Norihiro Suzuki, Vice President and Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and General Manager of Research & Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi’s vision is to provide innovative solutions to the various challenges faced by customers and society. The Research team at Hitachi includes over 2,600 professionals worldwide committed to delivering innovations that answer society’s challenges through three innovation models: customer-driven, technology-driven and vision-driven innovations. Dr. Suzuki will describe how through collaborative creation with customers, issues both apparent and non-intuitive are identified and addressed using Hitachi’s original NEXPERIENCE methodologies and tools, solution cores are developed based on leading technology enablers such as security, robotics, sensing and artificial intelligence, and how these solution cores are incorporated into the Lumada platform to ensure timely delivery of new innovative services for customers.


MOVER & SHAKER PRESENTATION AND DISCUSSION – Artificial Intelligence and IoT: Transforming Business: Dr. Kazuo Yano, Corporate Chief Scientist, Research & Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.

Although AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, such as deep learning, has attracted much attention in the media, we have not heard the profiting story from AI. What is missing between the available technologies and the businesses outcome? We have developed post-deep-learning AI technology that directly drives business outcome, which has already been applied to 57 cases in 14 domains. This talk covers the real use cases in finance, industry, retail, logistics, transportation, etc. to prospect the changes we face in the future business.


Networking and Refreshment Break


ASK THE EXPERTS PANEL DISCUSSION – Developing Robust Ecosystems for Collaborative Innovation and Co-Creation
Featuring an Opening Presentation: Hitachi’s Lumada IoT Platform


Dr. George Saikalis, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer – R&D, Hitachi America, Ltd.

Panelists Include:

Dr. Umeshwar Dayal, Senior Vice President and Senior Fellow – Big Data Lab R&D, Hitachi America, Ltd.
Kevin Eggleston, General Manager – Americas, Hitachi Insight Group
Rich Rogers, Senior Vice President, IoT Products & Technologies, Hitachi Insight Group
Mark Simoncelli, Global Vice President, Frost & Sullivan
Ken Wood, Vice President, Pentaho Labs, a Hitachi Group Company

Today, Hitachi IoT “robust ecosystem” is based on its unique Lumada platform. Lumada is Hitachi’s core platform that is designed to accelerate the creation, enhancement and deployment of data-driven IoT solutions. Foundational technologies in Lumada have already been proven in deployed solutions. At the heart of Lumada is Intelligent Software that provides data intelligence and artificial intelligence, which is essential for extracting information and value out of data from many sources, leading to recommendations and actions. Lumada is built on a solid foundation of the unique expertise and experience of Hitachi in both Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). This expertise is packaged in Verified Blueprints in Lumada to enable faster IoT solution creation with less complexity, uncertainty and risk. Lumada is extensible across many industries and use cases, enabling broader deployment of IoT technologies and ensuring the agility and flexibility needed to future proof solutions.

Key Take-Aways:

  • How to find the right innovation partner for IoT-driven digital solutions in today’s rapidly changing markets
  • What is the Lumada Platform: a single platform targeting multiple solutions - Open, Adaptable, Verified and Secure
  • Driving customer co-innovation for value creation
  • Leveraging global IT X OT industrial expertise to drive IoT Innovation


Welcoming Remarks and Food For Thought Networking Luncheon

Ryuichi Otsuki, Chief Executive for the Americas, Hitachi, Ltd., Chief Executive Officer, Hitachi Data Systems

Industry experts will also host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with business leaders driving breakthrough innovation. The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.



Interactive sessions will be held to capture the power of all participants’ voices, insights and experiences via group discussion and exploration of the issue at hand.
Participants can choose one of the following:

1. Smart Cities (public safety, big city analytics, connected transportation)


Mark Jules, Vice President, Public Safety & Visualization Solutions, Hitachi Data Systems
Phil Townsend, Senior Vice President Global Solutions & Innovation, Hitachi Consulting
Roberta Gamble, Partner, Frost & Sullivan

In this session we will discuss how Smart Cities -broadly defined as planned cities that incorporate information and communication technology to enhance quality, performance, and comprehensive management of urban services – will play a critical role in our collective sustainable future. By leveraging the power of IoT and advanced Big-Data solutions, these “next-generation” cities that coexist with the environment and improve quality of life for communities, creating a safer, more secure and resilient urban lifestyle.

The discussion topics will include IoT-enabled better transportation systems, new technology that can predict when and where crime can happen, visualization that can better connect urban systems to create superior urban infrastructure, and how to leverage sensor data from the Internet of Things, and other state-of-the-art technologies to help elevate our global society to meet the needs of the rapidly growing cities of the future.

Key Take-Aways:

  • More to surveillance than meets the eye: the power of single platforms for public safety
  • Building safer, smarter cities through integrated intelligence and visualization tools
  • Developing better transportation systems through interconnected systems
  • How one city is pioneering data exchange for citizens and businesses

2. Smart Health (care delivery transformation)


Bill Burns, President & General Manager, Innovation & Information Division, Hitachi Healthcare Americas
Abhay Mehta, Vice President, Fellow and Chief Strategist, Healthcare, Big Data Lab, R&D, Hitachi America, Ltd.
Dorman Followwill, Senior Partner, Frost & Sullivan
Dr. Richard Goldstein, CEO, RGI Informatics

With continued spiraling US healthcare costs and increased demand for more efficient, effective patient outcomes, Hitachi is developing a unified IT/OT strategy to provide real solutions to this major segment of the US economy by exploring the new opportunities in advanced healthcare informatics and analytics and leveraging its acclaimed cancer treatment technologies. This session will discuss the issues confronting “smart health” – particularly the current state where our healthcare analytics capabilities far exceed our ability to interact and utilize this deeper knowledge to have a bigger impact on healthcare outcomes

Key Take-Aways:

  • The latest trends in data-driven Smart Health – the movement from wearable technologies to ingestible technologies
  • How poor data accuracy defies IoT in healthcare, and what needs to be done to fix it
  • Healthcare and IoT - data incrementalism is the new roadmap for future success

3. Digital Energy (microgrids, energy efficiency solutions)


Chandrasekar Venkatraman, Principal Research Scientist, Global Center for Social Innovation.
Robert Lively, IT Manager, Hitachi Energy and Environmental Efficiency, Hitachi Consulting
Farah Saeed, Senior Principal Consultant, Frost & Sullivan

In this session we will explore the new digital solutions that are transforming the energy value chain – enabling increased resiliency, lower energy costs and cleaner energy in a rapidly changing market that is managing multiple issues and challenges. Among the solutions to be discussed and analysed:

Energy Optimizer - Cloud-based solution that enables optimization of distributed energy generation and trading using IoT and Big Data analytics.

Energy and Environmental Efficiency (EEC) – End-to-end solutions that include: optimization of lighting, HVAC equipment and environmental health and safety for businesses; measurement and verification, maintenance, and program management services.

Microgrids – extensive energy experience enables Hitachi to design and deliver resilient and reliable microgrids that reduce power outages due to weather, aging grid infrastructure, and cyber-attack related incidents.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Optimizing the generation and trading of organizations’ distributed energy resources
  • Lowering the overall costs of energy consumption through “smart solutions”
  • Finding better ways to meet sustainability and resiliency goals

4. Industrial IoT (predictive maintenance, mining solutions)


Dr. Chetan Gupta, Chief Data Scientist and Architect, Hitachi America, Ltd.
Gaurav Bora, Senior Director, IoT Products and Technologies, Hitachi Insight Group
Krishna Srinivasan, Global President, Frost & Sullivan

In this session, powerful voices in Industrial IoT will discuss how Hitachi is building solutions to help enterprises increase operational efficiency across various verticals.

Hitachi has developed a suite of technologies with data-driven technologies to address Predictive Maintenance use cases. These technologies provide insights that enable the maintenance staff to take the right actions at the right times, which can help in avoiding unexpected failures, decreasing maintenance costs and increasing equipment availability.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Learn how Hitachi is bringing OT (operational technology) and IT (information technology) together to help organizations optimize efficiency and reduce downtime.
  • Leveraging IoT solutions to integrate advanced analytics and help organizations maximize operational intelligence
  • What will the future of IoT-driven industrial processes look like?


EXPERIENTIAL TOUR- Real World Innovation at The Hitachi Global Center for Social innovation

Experience visionary IoT innovation first hand! Join us for a highly engaging and interactive tour of breakthrough solutions brought to life through the collaboration of Hitachi and its customer co-creators.

Shuttle Departs Promptly from Hotel Lobby at 2:00pm


Hitachi Global Center for Innovation – North America Experiential Tour Begins

Transforming the Future: IoT Insights & Innovations! Cycle through a tour showcasing how Hitachi and its customers are driving high-value digital business solutions for key areas such as smart cities, industries, healthcare and businesses.

A. Hitachi Co-Creation Process: NEXPERIENCE SPACE Cyber PoC
  • Hitachi’s unique design and collaboration tools, as well as future vision for working with customers
B. Urban: Public Safety & Connected Car
  • Enhanced public safety and transportation through video image analytics, as well as monitoring and optimization of urban transportation fleet management.
C. Natural Resources: Oil and Gas & Mining
  • Integrated solutions to remotely monitor and manage upstream Oil & Gas operations, improve operational efficiency by using predictive maintenance, and production analysis for enhanced mining techniques
D. Energy: Renewable Energy
  • Optimized distributed energy production for Microgrids and other sustainable energy solutions
E. Industry: Predictive Maintenance & Optimized Factory
  • Improved factory operations via artificial sensing intelligence, seamless connectivity and distributed data processing across factory (OT) and cloud (IT).
F. Healthcare: Predictive Medicine
  • Improved health outcomes and reduce costs by using big data analytics on deep and wide patient data
G. Core Technologies supporting Social Innovation Business: Hitachi Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Security & Blockchain
  • Demonstrations on how Hitachi’s latest breakthrough technologies are taking on the challenges of an unpredictable Era


Town Hall Brainstorming, Networking and Refreshments

The networking and collective thought leadership continues. Ask a Question/Answer a Question White Boarding enables all participants to pose their challenges as well as to contribute to running commentary on issues and ideas.




Networking Reception

"Meet your fellow peers and colleagues and enjoy some conversation & cocktails, as we close out the event!"

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Mark Jules
Vice President, Public Safety & Visualization Solutions
Hitachi Data Systems
Mike McNabb
Senior Vice President / Telecommunications / Energy & Environmental Efficiency
Hitachi Insight Group
Abhay Mehta
Vice President, Fellow and Chief Strategist, Healthcare, Big Data Lab, R&D
Hitachi America, Ltd.
Hiroaki Nakanishi
Hitachi, Ltd.
Ryuichi Otsuki
Chief Executive for the Americas, Hitachi, Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer, Hitachi Data Systems
Ram Ranchandra
Vice President
Hitachi Consulting
Rich Rogers
Senior Vice President, IoT Products & Technologies
Hitachi Insight Group
Farah Saeed
Senior Principal Consultant
Frost & Sullivan
Dr. George Saikalis
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer – R&D
Hitachi America, Ltd.
Mark Simoncelli
Global Vice President
Frost & Sullivan
Krishna Srinivasan
Global President
Frost & Sullivan
Dr. Norihiro Suzuki
Vice President and Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and General Manager of Research & Development Group
Hitachi, Ltd.
Phil Townsend
Senior Vice President Global Solutions & Innovation
Hitachi Consulting
Chandrasekar Venkatraman
Principal Research Scientist
Global Center for Social Innovation
Ken Wood
Vice President
Pentaho Labs, a Hitachi Group Company
Visionary Thought Leaders and Speakers
IoT Centric Innovations
Interactive Sessions
Experiential Tour


Fairmont San Jose

170 S Market St, San Jose, CA 95113

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Where is the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2016: R&D Symposium going to be held?
170 S. Market St San Jose
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How do I make hotel reservations?
Call (408) 998-1900 and mention you are an attendee of the Frost & Sullivan/Hitachi Symposium before October 24th and get the discounted rate of $269 per night.

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What is the dress code?
Business casual for sessions throughout the day is recommended.

Are meals included in my registration?
Your meals are included in registration. A Continental Breakfast, Networking Lunch, Networking Breaks and light hors d'oeuvres with a light buffet dinner will be provided.

Will I be able to access the presentations post event?
PowerPoint presentations will be available online within two weeks of the close of the event. You will receive access information in a post event email.


Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2016:
R&D Symposium

Transforming the Future: IoT Insights & Innovations

Venue Information

Morning sessions and luncheon will be held at:
Fairmont San Jose
170 S. Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113

We suggest you arrive Monday, November 14th. We will be reserving a limited number of discounted rooms at the event property, held until October 24th at the rate of $269 per night. Please contact the property directly for availability, and to book your accommodations. Be sure to mention you will be participating in the Hitachi/ Frost & Sullivan event.
For local guests, the Fairmont provides valet parking for visitors on a space available basis. Please contact the property directly for rates and directions.

Afternoon sessions will be held at:

Hitachi Global Center for Social Innovation – North America
3315 Scott Blvd, 4th Floor
Santa Clara, CA95054
Phone: 408.334.0428

Registration Information

Registration Fee: $295
Includes general session, meals, and Experiential Tour of Hitachi Global Center for Social Innovation – North America

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